Welcome to Central Baptist Church

LIFE! That is what I hope you see as you navigate through our website. Jesus said, “I have come that you might have LIFE, and life more abundantly.” We at Central want to share this life, cultivate this life, and be a community of this life. Three words describe how we want to do this: Connect, Grow, and Go. Connecting others to this life begins simply by first attending one of our Worship Experiences, Bible Studies, or Community Groups. This life we speak about is only found in a relationship with Jesus Christ, and this relationship has a point of connection. We want as a Church to be a group of Christ followers that helps you connect to Jesus Christ through faith. Jesus taught us ways in the New Testament of how to see this life with Him grow. At Central, we want to encourage each other to grow in this relationship with Christ. Our Community groups are a powerful way for this to happen. Let us help you connect to one of these groups! This may be a little over the top, but Jesus’s last words while physically present on this earth included this word “Go!” We know this is radical, but it may be where this life, which Jesus described about giving us, is most deeply experienced. So we go to our neighborhoods, our schools, our county, our state, to North American, and the nations with this message of true life, found only in the one who gave his life for us. Jesus.

Pastor Steve McFall
Senior Pastor

What We Believe

Central Baptist Church is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention and affirms The 2000 Baptist Faith and Message. While our location has changed over our 100+ years of existence, our message and doctrine have not.

What time are your worship services?

We offer two different types of services: a Blended style service at 8:30 AM, and a more modern, “NextGen” service at 11 AM.

What should I wear?

At Central, our members are honored to welcome you to a relaxed atmosphere where you won’t be singled out for anything you wear. You’ll see skinny jeans and v-necks, as well as suits and ties, week after week, so don’t let your Sunday attire stand in the way of you getting here!

Will I be singled out?

No. At no time during the service will anyone be singled out. We don’t make you stand up and let everyone know that you are a guest. We want you to feel comfortable when you are at Central.

If you are a guest, we provide an opportunity to complete our Connect Card. This lets us know you worshipped with us, as well as allow you to share any prayer requests you may have. You can place this in the offering plate during our worship service or bring it yourself to our Welcome Center in the Lobby. All Connect Cards brought to our Welcome Center will receive a free gift. It’s our way of saying thanks for worshipping with us that day!

What entrance should I use?

 You may enter by the Blue Welcome Flags on either side of the Worship Center. See one of the Welcome Team members in the lobby or the information desk.

Do you offer Bible study or Sunday School?

We offer Community Groups at 9:45a on Sunday mornings. We have groups for all ages and stages of life. In the near future, our goal is to offer Off-campus Community Groups in homes.

For more information on Community Groups for a specific age, click one of the following:

Preschool | Children | Students | Adults

What about my children?

Click the appropriate age group to learn more about what we offer for your child:

Preschool | Children | Students

What if I have a question that is not listed?

Feel free to use our Contact Us page so we can answer any question you may have. We will give you an answer as soon as we can!

What are your beliefs?

You can learn more about our beliefs here.