COVID-19 Updates

Please continue to check out this page for the most up to date news.

Currently Central is offering in-person services at 9:00a and 10:30a with the 10:30a service being streamed live! We are also offering a variety of resources on our YouTube page!

We are excited to announce that as of August 23rd we have resumed Children’s and Preschool activities during our in-person services!

Below are our guidelines on reopening the Children’s and Preschool areas:

Check In/Out
  • Traffic flow in and out of Central Park (the Children’s area) will encourage social distancing with 6’ signs. It is requested that only one parent/guardian drop off and pick up kids.
  • One volunteer at the desk will be signing the kids in on the kiosk. They will print the name badge and security tag for the parent to take off the printer.
  • One volunteer will be taking the child’s (and all volunteers) temperature and recording it on a log. This volunteer will also ask health and exposure questions to be answered by the adult. Responses will be recorded on the log.
  • Children will be dismissed one at a time.
Social Distancing
  • Once in Central Park all seating is 6 feet apart with only children from the same household being allowed to sit closer if they desire.
  • Any games played will always be done with participants maintaining this same distance.
Other Precautions
  • There will be no commonly shared items such as Bibles, scissors, pencils, crayons, etc. Each child will be provided their own.
  • In classrooms there will be a maximum of eight children and two adults, or any combination not to exceed ten per room. Each room provides seating a minimum of 6’ apart.
  • Hand washing is encouraged and instructions are provided at all sink areas.
  • The water fountain is covered and only individually wrapped snacks and drinks will be served.
  • All doors will remain propped open.
  • Participation on stage is limited to two kids at a time who will remain a minimum of 6’ apart.
  • Tables, chairs, restrooms, and any items used will be cleaned or replaced between services.
  • Masks for children are a matter of parental preference. Any child brought with a mask will be required to wear it (snack time is the exception). Masks for volunteers is a personal preference. Teaching will be done at a safe distance.